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Our staff is here to help you choose the right tree, shrub, or evergreen for your property. Locally sourced, we stand behind our woody plants with a 1-year warranty. Feel free to call for pricing and availability.

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Mulch Calculator

You will need approximately:


*Please round all values up to ensure proper coverage to pick up your bag today.

Formula for determining square foot areas:

Circles: Area = Diameter² x 0.7854
Triangles: Area = 1/2 Base x Height

Gardening expert KC of the Nursery Department explains what to expect when planting the beautiful Invincible Spirit™, Limelight and Annabelle hydrangeas. For your full- and partial-sun locations (4-5 hours a day or more), the Invincible Spirit™ and Limelight varieties are ideal, whereas the Annabelle hydrangea is appropriate for limited sunlight areas (3-4 hours a day or more) of your garden.
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“We take great pride in looking for the hardiest trees, shrubs, and evergreens that will tolerate the extremes of our Illinois weather for both the heat and the cold. We want you to have the right plants at the right price for enjoyment at your home. Come in and let us give you the advice you need to be successful in your home landscape!”

JP, Owner Nursery Manager