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Feed the birds!

Please remember to clean your feeders with each fill-up or at least once a week. Use a 10% Bleach and 90% water solution. Rinse well and let dry completely before refilling. Enjoy!

The Garden Center Offers:

Gardening Hand ToolsBird Seed, Feeders & HousesBagged Mulch, Soil & Stone
Glazed PotteryGarden ArtFountains & Statuary
Garden SeedsFlower SeedsBagged Stone
Pest PreventionBonide ProductsFertilizers

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Mulch Calculator

You will need approximately:


*Please round all values up to ensure proper coverage to pick up your bag today.

“Countryside Garden Center offers unique items for your garden and home. We provide solutions to achieve success with any lawn and garden problem.”

Kerri Arthur, Garden Center Department