When and How to Plant Bulbs

Plant Bulbs Countryside Flower Shop

There tends to be a little confusion about when to plant, which bulbs.

“Spring Blooming Bulbs” i.e. tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, etc. get planted in the fall before the ground freezes. This is when you will find the actual bulbs for sale in the Garden Center. They need to go through the cold temperatures of winter to set the flower buds that bloom in spring.

“Summer Blooming Bulbs” i.e. lilies, alliums, anemone, etc. are sold as bulbs in the spring time, to be planted in the spring time. You can enjoy their beautiful blooms during the summer months. Some are hardy and stay in the ground, like lilies. Others, like dahlias, are not cold hardy and need to be pulled up in the fall and stored in a cool, dark, dry place for the winter.

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