Our Plant Finder Tool will help you to find just the right trees, shrubs and evergreens for your landscape. It provides plant information as well as pictures! Our Catalog will tell you what size pots the plants you are looking for will be available in along with items like soil, mulch, stone, lawn fertilizers and more. As 2023 acknowledgements arrive, we are updating our Plant Finder and Catalog for this year. Thank you for your patience – feel free to call for pricing and availability.

If there is something particular you are looking for, please email us and we’ll see if we can add it, or grow it for you!

View the Nursery Catalog

For Perennials, Rose Bushes, Annuals and Vegetables visit our Greenhouse.

The Nursery offers:

• The best selection of locally grown trees, shrubs, and evergreens
• Advice and Consultation
• Planting Services
• Delivery Service (see available locations)

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Fill out the form below to place an order for mulch.

    Mulch Calculator

    How much mulch do you need? Use our Mulch Calculator and find out. Enter the dimensions of the area you want to cover as well as the desired depth, click Calculate and the results will appear below.

    Formula for determining square foot areas:

    Circles: Area = Diameter² x 0.7854
    Triangles: Area = 1/2 Base x Height

    Plants and Mulch Delivery Charges

    Location Price Location Price
    Algonquin $75 Lakemoor $95
    Barrington $95 Lakewood $65
    Bull Valley $75 Marengo $95
    Burton’s Bridge $65 McHenry $65
    Cary $65 Mundelein $135
    Carpentersville $95 Prairie Grove $65
    Crystal Lake $65 North Barrington $95
    Dundee $115 Richmond $135
    Elgin $130 Ridgefield $65
    Fox River Grove $65 Ringwood $95
    Grayslake $135 Round Lake $125
    Gurnee $160 South Barrington $150
    Harvard $140 Spring Grove $120
    Hebron $140 Union $85
    Huntley $95 Volo $85
    Island Lake $65 Wauconda $85
    Johnsburg $95 Woodstock $75
    Lake-in-the-Hills $75

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    JP“We take great pride in looking for the hardiest trees, shrubs, and evergreens that will tolerate the extremes of our Illinois weather for both the heat and the cold. We want you to have the right plants at the right price for enjoyment at your home. Come in and let us give you the advice you need to be successful in your home landscape!”
     JP, Owner Nursery Manager

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    Gardening expert KC of the Nursery Department explains what to expect when planting the beautiful Invincible Spirit™, Limelight and Annabelle hydrangeas. For your full- and partial-sun locations (4-5 hours a day or more), the Invincible Spirit™ and Limelight varieties are ideal, whereas the Annabelle hydrangea is appropriate for limited sunlight areas (3-4 hours a day or more) of your garden.
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