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Feed the birds!

Please remember to clean your feeders with each fill-up or at least once a week. Use a 10% Bleach and 90% water solution. Rinse well and let dry completely before refilling. Enjoy!

Several Bird Seed Varieties to try!

Click below to order curbside pickup of your favorite bird feeding needs. With more than fifteen varieties of seed and suet to choose from, our friendly staff can help you choose just the right one for your feeders. Don’t forget to sign up for our Frequent Flier Program to earn FREE seed!

The Garden Center offers:

Garden Aids (tools, gloves, accessories, etc.) Bird Seed Suet
Fall Bulbs Bird Feeders Fountains & Statuary
Garden Seeds Flower Seeds Dirty Dog™ Products
Bird Houses Jonathan Green Grass Seed Sod
Pest Prevention Garden Products Sun Dials
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