Pattie Braglia

Pattie Braglia Countryside Flower ShopGrowing up at Countryside as a little girl, I started pulling wagons and folding boxes for customers to carry out their plants. I’ve been a cashier, did sales and displays, and at holidays I worked lighting Christmas trees and helped with Christmas installations. So you can say I have done a little of everything.

Growing up in the industry has given me the experience I needed for my current position as purchasing manager. I love traveling to all the industry trade shows to see the new, exciting products for the coming year. As purchasing manger, I need to keep up with current trends. Most importantly I monitor the inventory levels and keep our shelves stocked with new and exciting products for our customers to enjoy.

I have recently become a new mommy so in my free time I enjoy spending time with my son Nico. To feel the love of a child and watch them do everything for the first time is the most precious thing that has ever happened to me. My entire outlook on life has changed thanks to my little guy.