WARNING! Protect Tender Plants!

Blustery cold conditions are expected over the weekend. Temperatures could drop to 28 degrees Saturday night.

Protect all tender plant material by bringing it inside or you can try to cover them as best you can with the wind.

The concern is not the snow that falls as it insulates. The concern is the cold wind that burns the leaves and flowers and the below freezing temperature that will damage new growth.

Plants of concern:
Annual Containers
Hanging Baskets
Newly Planted Perennials
Newly Planted Vegetable Plants
(tomatoes/peppers/herbs shouldn’t be outside or
planted in the soil yet – so bring them indoors)

Existing perennials, just emerging from the soil, like peony and Daylilies, rose bushes leafing out, lettuce and other cold season vegetables may get a little leaf margin burn. This will grow out at they mature.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call! 815-459-8130